Upcoming Runners

Upcomming Runners

22-Jan-2019 Wagga

Race Time Saddle Cloth Horse Distance Jockey Weight
2. XXXX GOLD MAIDEN HANDICAP 01:50PM 2 Mutadaawel 1000m  (1) Lewis German 58kg
3. VIEWCO GLASS BENCHMARK 66 HANDICAP- HEAT OF THE RISING STAR 02:25PM 5 Celebrity Reign 1400m  (7) Lewis German 57kg
4. MTC FUNCTION CENTRES MAIDEN HANDICAP 03:05PM 5 Bacosi 1600m  (8) Lewis German 55kg
5. BOOK YOUR WEDDING AT THE MTC MAIDEN PLATE 03:40PM 11 Whiskey Queen 1300m  (7) Lewis German 57kg
6. DIAGEO AUSTRALIA F&M BENCHMARK 58 HANDICAP 04:15PM 3 Classic Choice 1200m  (1) Lewis German 58.5kg

23-Jan-2019 Sandown Lakeside

Race Time Saddle Cloth Horse Distance Jockey Weight
1. Ladbrokes Multiverse Plate 04:00PM 3 Hadeer 1300m  (5) Luke Nolen 57kg
2. MyPunter.com Handicap 04:30PM 1 Typhoon Rubi 1200m  (10) Lachlan King 61kg
6. Blue Star Print Handicap 06:30PM 10 Yulong Mercury 1300m  (9) Fred W Kersley 59kg
7. Le Pine Funerals Handicap 07:00PM 1 Wind Force 1200m  (7) Lachlan King 63.5kg