Rehoming – Lindsay Park

Life After Racing

Lindsay Park is dedicated to ensuring our retired racehorses have an exceptional quality of life after their racing careers are completed.

Depending on the individual horse, their new career could be as an eventer, showjumper or pleasure horse, a broodmare, a lead pony, a nanny horse, or a quiet life of retirement as a paddock mate.


Lindsay Park has partnered with the highly respected McMaster family to retain retired racehorses for equestrian pursuits. Lisa, Sammi and Sarah are gifted horsewomen who will work to determine the best athletic ability for the thoroughbred, then rehome it after an intensive training period.

The McMaster family are based in Locksley and are registered as Approved Retrainers with the Racing Victoria Off The Track program.

To ensure the horse is appropriately cared for in its next home, Lindsay Park have a retirement contract which must be agreed upon by the new owner. This contract can be viewed here.


We have many horses living a quiet retired life at Lindsay Park Euroa, including several Hong Kong horses nearing their 20s who came back to Australia with David.

Like all horses at Lindsay Park, our beloved retirees are cared for and fed each day, have their hooves trimmed and teeth checked on a regular basis. They are turned out in large spacious paddocks in groups.

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