Facilities - Lindsay Park


1900m Pro-Ride

This synthetic track is very bouncy and has an incline in the home straight. It is used for galloping horses and jump outs. Horses can work in both the clockwise and anti-clockwise direction depending on where they will be racing (ie Sydney or Melbourne).

Barriers for education and jumpouts

The barriers allow us to adequately train our young horses to be confident when they are in and near the barriers. The quiet environment during this education process is hugely beneficial. The Barriers are also used for jump outs which can be of educational benefit to younger horses, as well as provide fitness benefit to
older horses.

2400m sand track

This track has both left and right hand bends to ensure that a horse is not favoring one leg. This trackalso has an uphill finish for slow cantering work.

2000m Turf track

The 2000m turf track has a incline in the home straight. This track is utilized for galloping horses and jump outs. The surface is well maintained to ensure that when this track is in use, horses gain adequate fitness from this, as well as a lower injury rate. The incline of this track also assists in fitness benefits.

Breaking in facilities

The breaking-in facilities allow us to educate our horses from a young age. We have the opportunity to see the progression from when they are first being ridden to when they hit the track. This allows us to know
everything about a horse as soon as it is purchased as a yearling.

Approx 1500 acres of spelling paddocks

We have approximately 1500 acres of spelling paddocks which means that we can spell all of our horses on-farm. This allows us to see how the horses are doing whilst they are spelling and also helps us assess when
a horse may need to come back into work.

800m sand trot/canter track

This track is used only for slow work. It is also great in warming up a horse before it goes out to gallop.

1400m steep uphill Pro-Ride

This synthetic surface is used for base work fitness. It is most commonly used when a horse first comes into work from a spell, or if a horse is having a quiet day of work. The incline also assists in the fitness of the horse.

37 outdoor stables

There are 37 outdoor stables with walk in/walk out yards. These are best used for horses who sometimes don’t do well being confined to a box, as it allows them more room to explore.

Four galloping treadmills

Treadmills are used for a variation in the horse’s workload. It provides the opportunity to give a horse a workout without any weight on their back. They can travel at a speed of up to 36 km/h.

20 approx 1 acre irrigated day paddocks

The twenty 1-acre irrigated day paddocks are ideal for allowing a horse to go out in to a paddock during the day and then return to a box at night. These paddocks are well irrigated and maintained and to ensure both a nutritional and physical benefit to a paddock spell.

140 boxes

There are 140 spacious boxes which give all our horses their individual space to chill out. Each horse leaves their box a number of times a day for various reasons such as to be ridden or for a walk or a swim.

Sand Rolls

There are 6 sand rolls/round yards used for breaking in and rolling horses. The round yards are often utilised for a horse’s first ride in the breaking-in process. Horses use the sand rolls as a chance to relax
and have a scratch.

Our own private transport fleet

We have our own private transport fleet of both horse trucks and floats. This allows us to ensure the timeline of each horse’s travel – it is given the safest possible transport method, and we know exactly when a horse left and arrived somewhere.

Water Walker

The 6-horse Water Walker is largely used for recovery after a gallop. It is like a footballer going into an ice bath or into the ocean after a training session. The water walker takes all the heat out of the horse’s


The pool is a 50m rectangular pool which is used in the daily routine.The pool is utilized as an alternative fitness tool, or it can also be used as a recovery tool if a horse has just raced or galloped.

Horse Walker

1 x 10-horse walker & 3 x 8-horse walkers Horse walkers are use to warm horses up before they begin their track work session and cool them down after their workout. This helps to reduce injury and recovery time by adjusting heart rate and blood flow to muscles.

Lindsay Park Racing has two training locations, allowing each horse to be placed in the most optimum conditions for racing performance.


Located 150km north-east of Melbourne, just off the Hume Highway, the property is strategically positioned to target provincial racing in Victoria and southern New South Wales as well as metropolitan races in Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide.


Lindsay Park stables located on course at Flemington racetrack provide the operation with a city stable option.

Horses with a metropolitan or close to Melbourne provincial racing campaign are often trained on track at Flemington for part of their preparation while racing.

The Flemington stable also has an office accommodating staff working in accounts.
Lindsay Park Flemington comprises of:

  • 32 boxes
  • 10-horse walking machine
  • High speed treadmill
  • Access to the Flemington Racecourse equine pool
  • Day yards
  • Office with boardroom
Walking machine at Flemington.
Lindsay Park's front gate at Flemington.