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We are constantly on the lookout for good team members with experience in the racing industry.

Lindsay Park Racing is a complete service thoroughbred training facility based in Victoria, Australia.


Lindsay Park Racing affords its employees excellent career opportunities and working conditions. With training locations at Euroa, Flemington, Randwick and Pakenham, there are opportunities to work in several places around Australia.

Lindsay Park Euroa, based in Victoria, is a world-class training facility allowing staff to experience modern training techniques. Based only 2hrs from Melbourne and 1hr 20mins from Melbourne Airport, Euroa is a charming Australian town with a welcoming community. Onsite accomodation is available for staff, as well as a fully catered canteen.

Join the Lindsay Park Racing team to learn from one of the leading training partnerships in Australia and develop your career in the thoroughbred racing industry.

To learn more about careers in thoroughbred racing, visit Thoroughbred Industry Careers, proudly supported by Lindsay Park Racing.

1 of 7. Trackwork at Lindsay Park.
2 of 7. Trackwork at Lindsay Park.
3 of 7. Trackwork at Lindsay Park.
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5 of 7. Lindsay Park's renowned staff canteen.
6 of 7. Lindsay Park's renowned staff canteen.
7 of 7. Lindsay Park's renowned staff canteen.


We are always keen to hear from motivated hard-working individuals who are passionate about working in the thoroughbred industry.

Training stable roles

1 of 9. The role of a Foreman at Lindsay Park Racing.


The foreman is responsible for the day-to-day running of the stable. They are responsible for all activities to do with both staff and horses. The foreman communicates with the trainer in how horses are doing and if there are any issue with our horses.

2 of 9.The role of a Stable Hand / Strapper at Lindsay Park Racing


The stable hand/strapper looks after the individual wellbeing of the horse. They are responsible for everything from mucking out thee boxes to feeding, and grooming and caring for the horse at the races. Strappers spend hours with these horses each day in order to ensure that the horses are of their optimal health to ensure the best performance.

3 of 9. The role of a Trainer at Lindsay Park Racing.


The trainer is solely responsible for all horses and members of staff in the stable. The trainer carefully plans each horse’s preparation and the health and wellbeing of the horse. Trainers also have to communicate with owners on their horse’s progress. The ultimate goal of the trainer is to create individual training plans to ensure that each horse has every opportunity to maximise its potential earnings.

4 of 9. The role of a Track Rider at Lindsay Park Racing.


Track riders are vital resources in a horse’s preparation in knowing how they are feeling and how fit the horse is. Track riders are constantly under trainer instructions to perform specific work for the horse.
Trainers rely on track riders to give them essential feedback which can aid in planning the horse’s preparation.

5 of 9. The role of a Breaker at Lindsay Park Racing.


A breaker educates young horses so that they can be ridden under saddle for the first time. Breaking in is arguably one of the most important steps in the education processes for the rest of the horse’s life. A good breaking in experience horse can give a horse great confidence to go on with the job.

6 of 9. The role of an Equine Nurse at Lindsay Park Racing.


An equine nurse assists the veterinarian. They assist in everything from surgeries to routine x-rays and maintaining equipment.

7 of 9. The role of a Veterinarian at Lindsay Park Racing.


A veterinarian plays an essential role in managing the health and wellbeing of each horse. They assess injuries, design treatment and rehabilitation plans, and also conduct all veterinary procedures such as
surgeries, scoping and x-rays.

8 of 9. The role of a Jockey at Lindsay Park Racing.


Jockeys ride the horse on race day. Jockeys are under trainers’ instructions to ensure that the horse is ridden the best way to optimise the horse’s chances of winning the race.

9 of 9. The role of a Racing Manager at Lindsay Park Racing.


The racing manager assists the training in owner communications, nominations and acceptances, staff management and horse movements. They are an essential member of staff as they are generally across all
spectrums of the stable.

Staff stories

Rayan Moore – Racing Manager


Russell Treloar – Race Day Representative